Zurfers is an online, real-time, person to person exchange platform for vacation properties of all kinds, with an initial focus in timeshare and vacation home properties. We provide the best exchange experience to our users, for less than half the price of legacy exchange brokers.

You will become a member of the only property exchange marketplace that combines timeshare owners with vacation property owners, allowing you to use your property to vacation anywhere in the world.

It is really easy! You can sign up by simply filling our register form or logging in through Facebook or Apple.

We don’t apply any charge to sign up with Zurfers. Our membership is totally free.

Zurfers is a revolutionary online exchange platform that quickly and easily allows owners of timeshares, residences and/or vacation properties to swap accommodations anywhere in the world for a flat rate of just $81 per destination - with no membership fee.

Our listings are updated. As soon as a listing expires, it hides automatically, this is how we make sure that all the exchange offers are updated and allow users to search for exchanges actively.

The Zurfers community is made up of like-minded, honest and responsible people who invest in Zurfers' commitment to safety.

Any timeshare owner can become a Zurfers member just by registering. We remind our future users that by listing their property they make it visible in our showcase and they will be able to enjoy exchanges through Zurfers.

You must go to the main page of our website and using our filters (basic: destination, date, guests, advanced: type of property, type of exchange, range of points) you can search for your properties of interest.

In order to search for places or destinations you would like to go to, just do the following: - Visit  Zurfers  Website  and use our basic filters: - Click on "Where to next" and write down where you want to go. - Click on "Dates" and choose the number of nights you want to enjoy. - Click on "Guests" and add the number of people travelling. - Now click on the icon right next to "Guests" to start the search. You will get some answers on our "Results" page, and another set of filters: We now invite you to Go See¡

In Zurfers you will be able to exchange your properties with other users in different destinatios worldwide. On the field "Where to next?" you can either: - Click on it and write down the destination you are looking for. - Display the drop-down list and see our main destinations. Click here to search for properties in our system and enjoy Zurfers experience.

See some of our destinations: - Orlando - Colorado - Las Vegas - Cancún - Vallarta - San Lucas - Punta Cana - La Romana - Mérida - Margarita - Cartagena - Santa Marta - Palm Eagle Beach

In a search, all the listings that comply with the characteristics included in the filters are displayed, starting from those most recently listed and in chronological order. For searches without results, our system performs an algorithm that shows the closest locations according to the established filters.

They are search parameters used to reduce and delimit the information required.

It is a tool that allows you to select the location you want to see. Zurfers presents a varied selection of destinations and also allows you to manually enter your preferred destination.

It is a tool that allows you to specify the availability of the dates you want to find in the properties you are looking for.

It is a tool that allows you to specify the exchange mode (direct or Z-Points) you wish to use.

It is a tool that establishes the number of people traveling with you. The properties listed on our website show the maximum capacity of guests allowed in each listing, according to the number you enter the system will show results with equal or greater capacity.

It is a tool that allows you to specify the type of accommodation in which you are interested.

It is a tool that allows you to establish the range of Z-Points between which you want to delimit the results shown.

It is a graphical representation that allows to visualize the geographic location of each of the listings that are shown as results of a search in our website.

Unregistered users will see a subset of new listings after searching on our website, however, when they sign up, they will have access to all the listings available.

We are experiencing steady growth, however, depending on the demand, the total number of listings vary throughout the year.

Zurfers puts at your disposal a "Travel agent or tourist counselor", where you can input the destination and preferences you have in mind. At the moment any user makes a listing with the features you are looking for, you will be notified by email.

A destination is a place with an internationally known name (for example: Punta Cana-Dominican Republic, Margarita-Venezuela, etc.) that gathers a group of different areas usually not too far away one from another.

It all depends of the destination you pick

Cities are specific locations. Destinations gather a number of different locations.

It is the way to offer your properties to different users registered on the system, in order to make exchanges.

Within our market you can offer the following types of vacation properties: - Timeshare (resorts). - Vacation homes/apartments. - Others (Yachts, Sailboats, Camp, etc)

To list a timeshare in Zurfers you must follow a series of very simple steps: - Log in to our website. - Click on "My listings". - Click on add a property. - Select the "Type of property" you want to list (Resorts). - Provide the location of your property (You can use the map to locate your property.) - Indicate the "Capacity of people". - Specify the dates and the number of nights you want to offer your property. - Indicate "How do you want to exchange?" NOTE: In case you have selected "I accept points and other properties" or "I accept only points", you must valuate your listing.

In order to list your timeshare property you must be the owner.

To publish a holiday residence in Zurfers you must follow a series of very simple steps: - Log in to our website. - Click on "My Listings". - Click add a property - Select "Type of property" you want to list (house / apartment) - Provide the location of your property (You can use the map to locate your property.) - Describe your property and detail the basic aspects of the room. - Place the amenities, activities and experiences that your property offers and make it unique. - Upload the best images of your property. - Specify the dates you want to offer your property. - Indicate the type of exchange: Direct, Z points or Open (both) NOTE: In case you have selected "Z-Points" or "Open", you must value your property.

Your property must have the permission to receive third parties during the period listed (the property must be of the exclusive use of your exchange counterpart).

We highly recommend to our entire community that when listing vacation homes, they include all the descriptions they consider useful to make their listings more attractive to all users.

You have 3 parameters to upload your photos: - The first image should be the most representative because it will be seen on the website. - A set of, up to 6 images, showing the exterior of the property. You must include at least one. - Up to 6 interior images, showing things that you would like to highlight. You must include at least one.

Our website can be viewed in the most common browsers used in operating systems present in smartphones worldwide. Each of the processes operates in the same way as in the web version. We also count with an application available for Android and iOS.

In the case of timeshare, the minimum is 2 nights, while the maximum listing time is 14 nights. In the case of vacation residences (apartments/houses) it is at the discretion of the owner, the system will give alerts to the user to notify him that he is publishing less than 2 nights or more than 14 nights.

In order to see your listed properties, follow these steps: - Log In with Zurfers. - Click on "My Listings". - Once in "My Listings" page you will be able to see all your listed properties.

To edit an existing listing: Go to the "My Listings" section and locate the property you want to edit. At the bottom of each listing you will find some action buttons: - Pen: allows you to edit the listing information. - Trash can: allows you to delete the listing. - Eye: allows you to preview the listing. - Double arrow: allows you to republish the listing. - Switch: allows you to change the status of the listing (Published – Hidden).

Yes, you can, as long as you have not agreed to any type of exchange.

There is no limit for listing, the idea is that you list all the properties you want.

Zurfers uses its own valuation system to determine the value of the properties, users can slightly modify those values, within the range provided by Zurfers, to make their listings more competitive.

Our system automatically helps you with that, since it establishes a range of Z-Points according to our database, comparing your property with others of similar characteristics. You can assign the value of your property within the established range.

The system is programmed to determine a minimum and a maximum number of Z-Points per night, in which you can choose the value you want.

Zurfers only values the accommodation in the properties, for additional charges associated with the stay (transfer services, food regimes, etc.) you should contact the owner.

The range of Z-Points can not be modified , you can assign the value you want to your property within the given range. If you do not agree with the range you can contact our customer service and explain your reasons. Write to us at: support@zurfers.com

To value properties we consider diferent aspects: In the case of resorts: Resort Category (Stars) Room capacity (Kitchen). Location Season Amenities. In the case of vacation residences: Type of housing. House capacity. Location Season

Planning an exchange is very simple, just keep these tips in mind: - To request an exchange, just click on "Request Exchange". You must take into account the type of exchange offered by the "Property" that is, if it is valued by "Z-Points" or "Direct". -Look for listings in the desired destinations and dates to narrow down your options. -We recommend that you make more than one exchange request, in this way you will increase your chances of exchanging with one of your favorite properties. -When you find and agree on your exchange, you must cancel all other pending requests that you made for the dates of your trip. Meantime, you will likely receive requests about your property from Zurfers users around the world, increasing your options. -Before sending a request, ask all the questions that you consider necessary, Zurfers puts at your disposal the "Questions and Answers" section in each listing and the private messaging service for this purpose. -We recommend that you make the requests at least two weeks in advance of the date you wish to stay. Remember that exchanges have associated procedures that must be carried out. -It is important that before sending a request or accepting it, you have your week reserved with the resort, in order to facilitate the cession process that you must carry out once the exchange has been agreed. -If you want to exchange or request advice in an exchange, you must take into account the parameters of an exchange such as availability, the area and the time in which you will be requesting it.

It is the way to notify your future counterparty of the interest you have in your property.

Requesting a direct exchange is very easy if you just follow these steps: - Select the destination, the date you want and the number of guests you will be staying with. - Locate a property of your liking. You can decide what kind of property you like (Resort/Vacational Residence) and the modality of exchange (direct). Choose which one of your properties you want to offer. - To complete the exchange, click on "View dates" and select the week(s) you want to stay in. - "Check your request", and send it to the owner of the "property" you want to enjoy, by clicking "Send". NOTE: If the listing is open, after you click on "request exchange" you must choose the modality of exchange that suits you better.

Requesting a exchange using Z-Points is very easy if you just follow these steps: - Select the destination and date you want and the number of guests you will be staying with. - Locate a property of your liking. You can decide what kind of property you like (Resort/Vacational Residence) and the modality of exchange (Z-Points). - The screen of the "Points Summary" is displayed with the Z-Points you need to make the exchange and your Z-Points balance. - If you are interested in the "Property" and do not have enough Z-Points, you can choose to buy Points. - To complete the exchange, click on "View dates" and select the week(s) you want to stay in. - “Check your request"", and send it to the owner of the "property" you want to enjoy, by clicking "Send". NOTE: If the listing is open, after you click on “request exchange” you must choose the modality of exchange that suits you better.

All those exchanges requests that you have received from users interested in your properties. It is important that you answer all the requests. Rejecting an offer is absolutely correct, but do not leave anyone waiting for an answer.

All those exchanges requests that you have sent to the properties you are interested in.

In order to know if a user wants to exchage with you do the following: - Log In with Zurfers. - Click on "Requests & Exchanges". *The requests you have received for your property will be displayed. *The requests you have made will be displayed. *You will also receive an e-mail notification for each request.

To see the list of requests and exchanges made follow these steps. - Click on "Requests & Exchanges". - Click on the dropdown list "Type" and/or dropdown list "Status". NOTE 1: by clicking on the dropdown list "Type" you will find the following types: - Received: those are requests sent by users interested in your properties. - Sent: those are requests that you have sent to the owners of properties you like. - Agreed: all the exchanges agreed between the parties. NOTE 2: click on the dropdown list "Status" and you will see these status: - All: show all the information. - Read: show the reviewed information. - Unread: show the information not reviewed.

Zurfers has a system that allows you to edit your listings and change the type of exchange you are using. Zurfers recommends to list your properties under the "open" exchange option, that allows you to offer it in both exchange modalities: direct and Z-Points.

It is completely acceptable to have exchange requests for different trips.

Yes, you can send more than one exchange request for the same date. However, when you accept an exchange, we recommend that you cancel the remaining requests. It is a good practice not to leave other users waiting.

If you need Z-Points for an exchange request, you can always buy them through our website. However, our main objective is that you make as many exchanges of your properties as you can, in order to get the Z-Points you need to stay anywhere in the world.

You can buy Z-Points through our web page as follows: . - Click on "Edit Profile". - Find the "Z-Points" icon and click on it. - There click on "Buy Z-Points". This screen will help you purchase Z-Points.

At the time of registration, both parties accept the terms and conditions where the compliance of the rules is mandatory.

Any person who owns a private property can exchange it, the system allows our users to make the following types of direct exchanges: * Resort/Hotel – Resort/Hotel * Resort/Hotel – Vacation Residence * Vacation Residence – Vacation Residence

Actually, there are many users who own timeshare properties that would love to exchange with users who own properties in urban areas. Most timeshare resorts are built in touristic zones, therefore, those users are very interested to exchange with urban destinations.

We suggest that you respond to all the requests you are not interested in, by pressing the rejection button. The users requesting exchange will automatically receive a friendly note. This courteous gesture allows our users to continue with the search for other Exchange options.

Yes, you can make an exchange with no listed property through the exchange using Z-points.

As long as you have previously agreed it with the owner. In the case of timeshare, the guest must contact the resort and notify the delay.

Usually users agree to continue paying the utility bills related to their properties (house or apartment) during the period of exchange, but often they do not accept to be responsible for paying for phone calls made. We suggest both parties not to use the phones that are in the properties where they are staying, instead, use your own cell phones while you are traveling.

Many Zurfers users are willing to take care of the pets of their exchange counterpart. If this can be fixed, it is certainly cheaper and less stressful to be able to leave their beloved pets in their own homes. When listing your property make sure to mention that you have pets and hope that your counterpart can take care of them. Also, if you travel with pets you need to ask the owner of the property if he accepts them on his property.

Z-Points (Zurfers Points) are the units of measurement designed by Zurfers that quantifies the right to exchange in time and accommodation. Z-Points are provided by ZURFERS through the Z-Points' acquisition systems available on the Website. Users can afford Z-Points by a) participating as Host in a Z-Points exchange system; b) buying Z-Points directly from the Website, and/or c) as a user’s reward form Zurfers.

The exchange of properties is a mutual exchange of homes, second homes, apartments, condominiums or timeshare properties (hotels/resorts) for an agreed period of time. This allows Zurfers users to lodge at no cost. The properties can be similar or completely different - the only important thing is that both exchange participants are happy with the agreement.

Some of the many benefits of participating in a property exchange are: - Free lodging - forget about expensive hotel lodging. - Save food consumption costs if your lodging has kitchen. - Meet local people and experience a different culture onsite. - Enjoy all the space and comfort of staying in a timeshare property, apartment or vacation home. - Your pets can travel with you or be cared for by your exchange counterpart (if you agree on that). - Toys, books and local distractions for your children. - If you make an agreement with your exchange counterpart, you can save on the costs of car rental by exchanging cars.

Anyone with a timeshare property (hotel/resort) or a vacation property (house, apartment, etc) can participate.

There are two types of exchanges in Zurfers: - Direct exchange: Exchange of properties listed by users. - Exchange using Z-Points: Exchange of Z-Points for properties listed by users.

It is very easy to exchange, just do the following: - Log in or Sign up with Zurfers. - Find a property you like. - Send an exchange request.  - Pay the "Transaction Fee", once your request is accepted. - You wiil receive the "Guest Certificate". - Go See!

A direct exchange is a modality used by Zurfers in which users will be able to exchange their listed properties with those offered by other users in our website. It should be noted that this type of exchange is carried out by mutual consent.

Direct exchanges were designed to facilitate our users, immediate availability of accommodation worldwide. By simply entering our system and finding a listing with the desired accommodation, our users can quickly make direct exchanges without cumbersome efforts. In Zurfers, everyone will be able to find his ideal counterpart.

In order to make a direct exchange in Zurfer do the following: - "Log In" or "Create Account" with Zurfers. - Find a property you like with the modality of direct exchange. - Follow the steps given by the system. - Send an exchange request.

In a "Direct" exchange between timeshare owners, the accommodation date of each member is independent. Everyone must get to his destination on the date scheduled in the listing.

The point system was created to achieve greater flexibility when exchanging. You will not need to coordinate dates and locations with other travelers when organizing an exchange. Our innovative platform assigns values to properties based on size, location, amenities, etc. It also assigns Z-Points to different exchange factors, which allows our users to take full advantage of the best person to person travel marketplace in the world.

Once you have registered with us. You simply find one property of your liking, with the modality of exchange by points. If you have the necessary amount of Zurfers’ points, follow the steps in the system and send the exchange request

Z-Points are only for internal use ( see What are Z-Points?). We require credit card to pay for an exchange.

You can buy Z-Points to complete your exchanges, and these Z-Points can later be used for future exchanges. The value does not have a public use.

The minimum amount established is 150 and the maximum amount is 900 per package of Z-Points. The amount of packages you can buy will depend on the Z-Points that you need or want.

The first thing is to check Terms & Conditions, in the case of a proven fact of force majeure, the exchange is canceled and a reimbursement could proceed.

The first thing is to check Terms & Conditions, in case of a proven fact of force majeure, the exchange is canceled and a reimbursement could proceed.

The money deposited will not be returned, except in cases of force majeure. See terms and conditions

It is important to communicate directly with the owner, in case you plan to arrive after the agreed date. This way you will not lose your exchange. Remember that you are responsible for communicating with the owner.

A timeshare is an agreement that allows you to share, with other people, costs and enjoyment time, of a vacation property, for a specific or variable period of time.

A timeshare is an agreement that allows you to share with other people, costs and time of enjoyment, of a vacation property. At the beginning timeshare was sold based on “fixed weeks”, nowadays there are different ways to market it, the best known: - Fixed Weeks - Points System

Each year the buyer, in his contract, is allowed to use a specific condominium in a given week.

Timeshare owners can buy Z-Points which can later be used as currency to be exchanged for the right to spend time of accommodation in a resort. Z-Points are, as a checking account in a bank, according to your initial purchase you will have a balance available in that account and then you will have Z-Points to use. According to the internal policies of each resort you will be spending your Z-Points, according to: - Number of nights of accommodation. - Number of people. - Season - Room Type. Note: Similar to a checking account you can add Z-Points to your account according to your needs.

Any Resort that has that vacation system.

Contact us to give you the required information about our commercial partners.

It is a place where people generally go on holydays for relaxation or pleasure, especially one providing rest and recreation facilities for vacationers.

Resorts are categorized from 3 to 5 Stars. And this is because the resorts have entertainment and leisure areas that can raise their category.

In each country, government agencies are responsible for establishing laws that regulate and standardize the categories of resorts and hotels.

The difference, in most cases, is that Resorts, usually have additional sports and leisure facilities in a natural environment that attracts visitors beyond the room in which they’re lodged.

A Timeshare can be transferred just by changing the name of the person who will use it and of course, by being up to date with all the obligations with your resort.

They are companies that provide means to timeshare owners, to exchange the period purchased in a resort for the same period in other national or international affiliated resort. These companies charge fees for: - Affiliation, for a specific period of time (to the complex). - For each week to exchange. - For changing the name of the user. - For rooms upgrading.

The main difference is our person to person platform for lodging exchange which allows any of our users, to exchange his property with another Zurfers user around the world, regardless of the property he owns (timeshare or a vacation property). Additionally: - The Membership is free. - A flat rate of just $81 per destination. - The exchange process is very easy.

Every payment is made on a safe site which uses SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer) to encode the details of the card during the transaction. Zurfers does not save any information from the credit cards of our users.

In order to change your personal information, do as follows. - Sign in with Zurfers. - Click on the menu icon, at the upper right corner and the menu will be displayed. - At the top of the menu click on the white circle with your initials or on "Edit". - Look for the the "Personal Information" icon and click on it. There, you can change your information.

In order to change your Password do the following: - Click on the menu icon, at the upper right corner and the menu will be displayed. - At the top of the menu click on the white circle with your initials or on "Edit". - Now look for the "Change Password" icon and click on it. - Follow every step.

The timeline is a graphical way of showing your journey in our website since you signed up; the date when you completed your profile, the first time you listed and the evolution you have had through time related to exchanges made.

Are the activities and/or experiences you want to do/enjoy during your vacation time. This way the system will be sending you information related to existing destinations and the availability of listings according to your interests at the moment you go on vacations.

First go to the menu in "Edit Profile", click on "Preferences" and you can view the preferences regarding activities and experiences you are interested in.

It is the way used by Zurfers to verify the contact information, social networks interactions or activity of our users. Profiles with all badges are more reliable.

You first go to the menu in "Edit Profile", click on "Badges" and you can validate the badges you have. Remember that users with more badges are more reliable.

In order to see how many Z-Points you have accumulated just do the following: - Log In to your Zurfers Account. - Click on the menu icon, at the upper right corner, and there click on the "Edit Profile" icon. - Once in the "Edit Profile" page look for the the "Z-Points" icon and click on it. - In the "Manage Points" page, you can "Buy Points" or see the "Points details" and validate the amount of Z-Points available.

Z-Points can not be commercialized in our platform, however, you will be able to transfer them among your contacts using our gift cards option.

No. Z-Points do not expire.

In this section you can locate all the properties that have been your favorites so you have selected them as "Favorites". The purpose is to facilitate the location of the properties that you liked (and contact the owner), without having to make a new search.

When you come across a publication of interest and are not sure about requesting the exchange, you can save that property in " Playing favorites " (My Favorites), by clicking on "Add to Favorites" in the upper right part of the photo.

It is a tool that Zurfers has for its users to facilitate the planning of their vacations, making suggestions of listings that meet all the requirements they have, at the same time, the travel concierge performs periodic scans of the new listings that enter our database, in order to offer updated alternatives.

Using the Travel Concierge is very easy: - Log In or register with Zurfers. - Click on the menu icon at the upper right corner and the menu will be displayed. - In the lower part of that menu click on "My Travel Concierge". - There, click on the "Let's get started" button: - Select the dates of your interest and the destinations you want to go to (maximum 3 destinations). You can use the map shown on the screen, to find your favorite destination. - Click on "Add another" to add new destinations. - To continue click on "Next". - Select the type of property in which you want to stay, the number of people and the amenities you want in the room. Use the "Anywhere" button to specify the accommodation you want: resort, apartment or house. - Click on "+" / "-" to determine the number of people. - Click on "Next" to continue. - Choose how often you want to hear from us (Zurfers), related to the listings found that meet the needs you gave us. You can also add another email address by clicking on "Add another".

It is a tool that allows you to post (using a direct link) your property on different social networking websites.

Get in the listing by clicking on the picture, look for the "share" icon on the top right side of the page, click on it and follow the steps.

The states represent the condition in which your agreed exchanges are: - Pending Payment: represents those exchanges that you have already paid for and are waiting for payment from your counterpart. - Rejected: Exchanges that you have decided not to approve. - Ready to enjoy: Those exchanges in which both parties have paid the transaction fee and are waiting for the agreed date. - Please review: Exchanges that you have already enjoyed and should be reviewed. - Done: those exchanges in which you

Yes, we have videos on how it works, destinations guides, and about the different experiences you can enjoy through our platform. The video's icon is located on our website homepage at the bottom.

The one who blocks is Zurfers. You can make complaints that you consider prudent regarding users or publications through: support@zurfers.com

Reviews are valuations of exchange experiences lived by Zurfers users.

After enjoying the stay, log in our website, go to "Requests and Exchanges", find the property and rate your counterpart (you can filter using the "please rate" status). A window will be displayed that will allow you to enter a title, the description of the experience and the selection of the score of the exchange, of your counterpart and his property.

We suggest that you write a fair review after each exchange. Valuations are a very important part of Zurfers. When writing a review, keep the facts in mind and support your comments with examples. The best reviews are those that provide constructive information for other users. Highlight the points that you think will help them. Honest qualifications of your hosts and their properties will improve the chances of getting more requests and incredible exchanges that will strengthen our community.

We are working on an special section that will soon be at your disposal to evaluate all your experiences.

In order to see the messages and notifications received, follow the next steps: - Sign in with Zurfers. - Click on the menu icon (icon) at the upper right corner and the menu will be displayed. - At the middle of that menu, click on "Message Center". - At the top of the "Message Center" page, you will see two options: "Type" and "Status" combining them you can filter the specific messages you are looking for! Notes: TYPE: - System notifications: are all notices you have received from Zurfers. - Public questions: all questions users ask in the "questions and answers" section in each of your listed properties. - Private messaging: all private communications between two users. STATUS: - All: all messages received, reviewed or not. - Read: all the messages reviewed. - Unread: all messages without review.

Zurfers has an internal messaging system where you can contact your counterpart as many times as necessary.

To send private messages to other users you must follow these steps: - Log In with Zurfers. - Enter any listing of the person you are interested to contact. - Click on his profile picture. - Look for the "Contact me" button and click on it. - Write the message you want to transmit and click on the “Send” button.

To view the private messages you have received: - Click on the “menu” button at the top left of our web page. - Click on the "messaging center" section. - Search, see and respond all private messages you have received to date. NOTE: In The Messaging center section we provide you with filters that allow you to find faster the messages you want.

Invitations are the way Zurfers users invite other people to join Zurfers. Zurfers awards you and your friend with Z-Points whenever you invite one of them.

One of the benefits obtained by inviting friends, is that each time one of them signs up in Zurfers, you get 100 Z Points. Also, there is the possibility of exchanging properties with them. It should be noted that the user who signs up through an invitation will get 200 Z Points.

The process of inviting is very simple! You just have to: - Sign in with Zurfers. - Click on the menu icon, at the upper right corner and the menu will be displayed. - At the bottom of that menu, click on "Invite friends". - In the "Invite friends" page, enter the email address of the person you wish to invite and Click on "Send Invites" NOTE: You will be able to import all the contacts you have saved in gmail to make the process of sending invitations much easier and faster.

You can import the full list of contacts you have in your gmail account. For other servers, the invitation must be sent one by one, you will soon be able to import the full list of contacts.

Invitations can be sent through any of the following platforms: - Facebook Messenger - Facebook - Twitter - Whatsapp - E-mail You can also copy your invitation link and paste it in any website or social network you use, so all your contacts can join the Zurfers experience.

You will receive an email in which you will be notified that one of your contacts has accepted your invitation.

Invitations do not expire.

It is the way that allows the Zurfers community to give away their Z-Points (bought or earned through exchanges) to any person inside or outside the community. Non-affiliated users must complete the sign up form to enjoy those Z-Points.

The process of sending a gift card is very simple: - Log In with Zurfers. - Click on the menu icon, at the upper right corner and the menu will be displayed. - At the bottom of that menu, click on "Gift card". - Click on "Send a Gift Card". - Now follow every step.

Only the Z-Points bought or earned by exchanges made can be sent, the Z-Points given by Zurfers are not transferable.

Gift cards can be sent to any user, however, only users who are registered with Zurfers can enjoy or redeem a gift card.

Once you have sent it, the shipment can not be reversed. It is important to make sure that the recipient's data is correct (email).

To redeem the received gift card, follow the steps below: - Look for the gift card code (Gift card codes are alphanumeric sequences) in your emails. - Log In with Zurfers. - Click on the menu icon at the upper right corner and the menu will be displayed. - At the bottom of that menu click on the "Gift Card" icon. - There click on "Redeem". * Enter the received code. * Click on "Redeem". NOTE: In case of not being registered with us, go to our website and register to enjoy the Z-Points that have been given to you.

You will receive an email in which you will be notified that one of your contacts has redeemed a "Gift Card" sent. You will also receive notifications when you receive, send or redeem your own gift cards.

Received gift cards do not have expiration time, they can be exchanged any time you wish through our website.

The Zurfers Blog is a section of our website that gathers all the information about certain attractions of different destinations offered on our platform. It is a good tool to visualize certain curious aspects of a particular location, and will allow you to plan your trip in a better way.

All the content written by our users is loaded in the blog according to the different aspects of their trips, from the point of view of all the experiences lived at the destinations (ex. accommodations, activities, etc.)

Look at the bottom left of the page, click on "Blog" and immediately the page will take you to our experiences blog.

Zurfers destination guide is a section of our website that collects all the information of interest about the different destinations offered on our website. In Zurfers we collect all the data we consider our users should take into account when planning their vacation. Both sections, the destination guide and the experiences blog will allow you to know more about the destination you want to go, in order to get the most out of the location you decide to visit.

In This section of the page you will be able to locate all those cities or destinations to visit in our website, as well as a brief review and the characteristics of those places. You will also be able to see information about the culture, the different historical places and of course things you can't miss!

Once you are on our experiences blog, click on the "Destination Guides" button and you will be redirected to that section.

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